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    Ohms Electrical Contracting Ltd is a family run Southampton business in Hampshire who take pride in providing a friendly service having worked in the electrical sector for nearly 20 years. We provide electrical contractors for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems for the commercial, Industrial and domestic sectors. We undertake all jobs from lighting and power installations to full rewires, electric gate systems to commercial kitchen including HVAC control panels. We also have a full network of support for electrical and mechanical design and manufacturing.


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Seddul Bahr Industrial Estate, Unit 8D, Allington Ln, SO30 3HP
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The siemens (symbol: S) is the SI derived unit of electric conductance and admittance, also known as the mho (ohm spelled backwards, symbol is ℧); it is the reciprocal of resistance in ohms (Ω).  

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Ohms definition, the standard unit of electrical resistance in the International System of Units(SI), formally defined to be the electrical resistance between two points of a conductor when a constant potential difference applied between these points produces in this conductor a current of one ampere. The resistance in ohms is numerically equal to the magnitude of the potential difference. 

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…volts per ampere, or six ohms. The ohm is the common unit of electrical resistance, equivalent to one volt per ampere and represented by the capital Greek letter omega, Ω. The resistance of a wire is directly proportional to its length and inversely proportional to its cross-sectional area. Resistance also… 

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Ohms can offer a full design, install, commission and maintenance service for your portable fire extinguishers. Our fully trained technicians conduct ongoing site surveys to provide you with the appropriate level of cover needed for your premises, then supply high quality finished extinguishers, available in red or chrome, either fixed to the wall or on stands. Portable fire extinguishers are ... 


Welcome to OHMS Mowers "We are reopening our business from 1st June and have measures set up to allow safe working following government social distancing and safety guidelines. We are operating an appointment only system at first. Please call with your requirements before attending our premises and please observe all safety signs upon arrival" ’ O.H.M.S. Ltd are a company established in 1979 ... 

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Ohms Law Calculator. Please provide any 2 values and click "Calculate" to get the other values in the ohm's law equations V = I × R and P = V × I. Voltage (V): Current (I): Resistance (R): Power (P): Related: resistor calculator. Ohm's Law. Ohm's Law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage. This is true for many materials, over a ... 

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Voltage is measured in volts, current is measured in amps and resistance is measured in ohms. A neat analogy to help understand these terms is a system of plumbing pipes. The voltage is equivalent to the water pressure, the current is equivalent to the flow rate, and the resistance is like the pipe size. There is a basic equation in electrical engineering that states how the three terms relate ... 

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Simple to use Ohm's Law Calculator. Calculate Power, Current, Voltage or Resistance. Just enter 2 known values and the calculator will solve for the others. 

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Ohm's Law is a formula used to calculate the relationship between voltage, current and resistance in an electrical circuit.. To students of electronics, Ohm's Law (E = IR) is as fundamentally important as Einstein's Relativity equation (E = mc²) is to physicists. 

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Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. Introducing the constant of proportionality, the resistance, one arrives at the usual mathematical equation that describes this relationship: $${\displaystyle I={\frac {V}{R}},}$$where I is the current through the conductor in units of amperes, V is the voltage measured across the conductor in units of volts, and R is the resistance of the con… 

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